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+ Be friendly and helpful to whoever you can.
+ Respect the admins as well as the other members.
+ No double posting {exception to this rule is in the GALLERY RULES section}.
+ Absolutely NO ADVERTISING on anywhere else in the forum other than the Advertising [Plugging] board. This includes PMs.
+ No posting photos that are deemed as inappropriate or contain nudity. If you are unsure, please contact an admin before posting said graphics or pictures.
+ Absolutely NO STEALING of any creative materials, including, but not limited to: stories, graphics, etc. If you have stolen something from any other member on JBFA and it has been proven by the staff as a whole, all of your stolen content will be deleted (ex. if it's a story from another site or person it will be deleted) and you may be banned, depending on the gravity of the theft. We do not condone plagiarism
+ Profanity in your posts is allowed on occasion, but nothing offensive, directed at other members, in your username or in any title of threads.
+ If profanity/offensive words are found in your username, you will be PMed and able to change your username. If you do not reply within two weeks (14 days), it will be changed for you (but you will receive an email with your new username <3). It will be an alternate version of your current username without the profanity.
+ Please limit the amount of personal information you give out on here. We are a friendly community here and aim to keep it safe, but it's never a good idea to put too much information on the internet (ex. your street address, phone number, etc.). It's up to you what you do in PM, but please don't post this information in common threads that anyone can see.
+ Follow the rules posted throughout the boards for the specific boards.
+ All content on jbfa should be inclusive and with jbfa. No exclusive material.
+ No multiple accounts. There is no reason to have them as this is not a roleplay. They will be removed without question.
+ We like to be an open and friendly environment, but when rule breaking affects or annoys other members, we will contact you. First, you will get a warning. If it continues to happen, you will get a one week suspension from the activity you were doing [ex. advertising through PM - you would not be able to PM anyone for a week]. If it still continues, then you will be banned.

+ Keep all graphics in your signature to 500x200 or smaller. If your signature graphics are larger than that, they will be removed without notification.
+ Having a link or small button to your site in your signature is allowed, but no PMing others to join your site. If anyone is doing this, please contact an admin.
+ Your signature height may not exceed 400px (including any images and text).

If you have any questions and can't log in or contact an admin through JBFA, please feel free to email us at


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